The Activist

The Activist – Now Available

Like any film, The Activist is a venture that a lot of people put time, hard work, and even money into.  And regardless of the inspiration for the film, we want to get the most mileage we can out of all

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AnimeTV Reboots (Video)

A new home, an additional host and a fresh start (, January 09, 2010, by Chris Beveridge) After disappearing some time ago, AnimeTV has resurfaced with a fresh start and a new hosting on the Revision3 site. AnimeTV originally was hosted by Johnny

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(Tubefilter, 1/8/2010, by Joshua Cohen) Revision3 is trying to branch out from its tech-heavy roots. The self-proclaimed “leading television network for the internet generation” was built on a solid foundation of techno-geekery, architected by Diggco-founder, Kevin Rose and TechTV and PC Magazine alum, Jim Louderback. Shows

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48Hr Film Project Entry – “Cursed Ground”

DareFusion and NAS Productions combine with the Bui Brothers and Paul Dateh to create a top 13 film for the 48Hr Film Project in San Diego. Creating a film in 48Hrs is an amazing challenge and a great way to force yourself to focus intensely

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KoldCast TV Announces New ‘Series Pilots’ Channel

Los Angeles,  February 3, 2009 Broadband television network KoldCast TV today announced that it has launched a new Series Pilots channel dedicated solely to the introduction of pilot episodes of series programming created for broadband television and traditional television. The new

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Tubefilter: ‘Jenn2.0′ Trailer Exclusive Sneak Peek

(Tubefilter, 12/11/2008, by Drew Baldwin) Tubefilter got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek of the highly anticipated trailer for Jenn2.0, the meta-biographical scripted web series about real-life San Diego blogger and social media consultantJennifer Van Grove. The reality-esque series, created by Rob Lewis

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Social Media Genius, New Media Knowhow in ‘Making Jenn2.0′

Originally published by Tilzy.TV, now a part of (, 11/4/2008, Joshua Cohen) Jennifer Van Grove is a “social media consultant.” It’s a title/job description that’s been adopted by so many denizens of the Web 2.0 World that its meaning is

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