Giving Back For The Future


Legendary Jazz Guitarist and Voice Maestro Gary Catona present a concert to promote Harmony United and The International Children’s Chorus benefiting Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Project Analysis

Producer Mark Skelton was approached by voice coach to the stars Gary Catona to produce a benefit concert to promote his efforts to form Harmony United bringing 100 children from around the globe to sing at the United Nations on the International Day of Peace.  Mark immediately saw a synergistic relationship with another friend and entertainer, legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell.  Kenny was also working to promote a similar effort called the International Children’s Choir of the United Nations.  The event was immediately launched.

Mark, with the help of event organizer Graeme Mitchell, pulled together a group of notable peformers to present a benefit concert at the beautiful Beverly Hills Municipal Gallery.

Video Services

Dare Fusion was tasked with providing video and photography services including Red Carpet photos and video of the performances.  A final video of the event was to be produced as well as a teaser spot to be used for future promotions.

Production Notes

The red carpet photos where shot using strobe flash heads in addition to the continuous “movie lights” that are typically present.  This enabled us to control the enviroment more accurately and capture consistently sharp images.  It also helped to up the glam factor by having both the movie lights and flashes occuring during the fun moments of picture taking.

Due to a limited charity event budget we were only asked to cover the performances with 2 cameras our choice was to setup a master shot on a jib over the heads of the audience.  And then have the second camera roam around for cutaway shots.  For this event we chose to shoot with Sony Pmw 300 video cameras for their flexibility in zoom, length of recording capability and better low light performance.

Audio for the event was handled by third party audio engineer Wayne Peet who mixed the show live.  Unfortunately due to budget constraints of this charity event at the time of post production no final mix of the event was produced.  Therefore, audio used was recorded on the night as a patch in from the mixing board.

Post production work was done in Adobe CC Suite.  Titles and graphics were produced in Adobe After Effects CC .

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