Quik Pick Messenger – Commercial


Dare Fusion was asked to create a 60 second spot for the Quik Pick Messenger advertising campaign, and to be included on the quikpickmessenger.com website.

Project Analysis

Quik Pick is an incredibly busy small business.  The owners run a tight ship in a highly competitive business with slim margins, and are caught in that unenviable position that many small businesses find themselves in.  They must struggle to find a balance between providing excellent service to an existing customer base, while still being able to allocate resources to further grow the business. Understanding this, Dare Fusion was only given a limited budget and one day to shoot all of  the footage necessary for the spot.  Additionally, we would not have access to the entire workforce for testimonials.  But probably the most interesting challenge was that of the vehicles we had access to none had logo graphics applied.  Fix it in post!

The Dare Fusion Difference

In our preliminary concept discussions with the client we were able to determine that the best selling point for a competitive service business such as this was to put an honest face behind the service.  We wanted to build on their reputation and longevity in the area.  And we wanted to convey a sense of urgency and diligence.

Production Notes

We made specific production decisions to keep our setups light and flexible.  We used minimal lighting for our interviews, used natural light for exterior shots, shot with one camera, and captured sync sound where possible.  The production vehicle used for for our rolling street shots was a convertible BMW, which I highly recommend.  It’s terrible for steady shots, but makes driving around Beverly Hills incredibly enjoyable. ;)

We used production techniques such as a documentary camera style and custom music score to convey the feelings of honesty and urgency.  And to deal with the unique problem of no vehicle graphics, we used Adobe After Effects CC to create a van side panel graphic for a pass-by shot.  And we created a license tag overlay for a rolling side-by-side shot.  The two shots were created by motion tracking and manual rotoscoping the graphics into the scenes. In addition to the CGI effects we also created a custom logo animation stinger, and a custom lower third graphic with a 3D rotating phone number.  All post work was done using Adobe CC Suite.

Production Photos

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