Rebel Heart Film


Rebel Heart Film is a new ventured formed by filmmakers Diane Bell and Chris Byrne.  After a long history in the entertainment business and a recent win at the Sundance Film Festival, Diane and Chris decided to start a workshop that would allow them to give back some of what they have learned.  Their goal is to empower independent filmmaker with the techniques and philosophies that helped them succeed.

Project Analysis

Rebel Heart Film needed a logo, a website via which to launch their workshop and promote their brand, and also videos to impart the goals of the workshop and present potential attendees with the tone and scope of what would be discussed.

Creative Services

After becoming friends with Chris and Diane and with aspirations to produce my own feature film I was asked to come onboard as a part of the Rebel Heart Team and assist in promoting the company’s brand and message.

Our first step was to create an image that included symbolism for Chris and Diane in the form of the lady bug, and also an aesthetic of independence.  We designed a heart and film framework around a flying ladybug and finished it with a “pencil drawn” style that we feel embodies the goals of the company.

We completed the website and shot the first one-day seminar in order to test the workshop material and gather b-roll for our promotional video.  Workshop footage was shot by dslr mounted to a monopod, mounted onto a shoulder rig, and on a steady-cam  rig.  The shoulder rig was favored for the ability to flex between shot locations and angles We shot interviews with Diane and Chris in a casual setting to help convey the personal nature by which they present their workshop.  Above you can see the results.

Production Notes

The video is a rather straightforward edit from a selection of powerful statements delivered effortlessly by both Chris and Diane.  However, the logo animation was a tricky one.  We wanted to emulate the drawing of the logo onto paper in 3-dimensional space.  In order to do this we used After Effects CC.  We created a solid layer and used the Write-On setting for the paint tool to paint one continuous line over the entire logo graphic.  this took numerous attempts to get the desired look.  Afterwards we inverted the mask and animated it to reveal the logo as if it were being drawn.  A camera, a spotlight, and an image of construction paper made the final animation come to life.

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